Sunday, December 2, 2012

What in the Laverne Galeener-Moore...I hit the Genealogical Motherload and then after, couldn't afford to buy lunch...Librarians should be ashamed.

Well the Friends of the Beaufort County Library have done their job and suckered another poor genealogy obssessed soul into the neverending abyss of constant and continued primary source material acquisition.  As I settled into a day full of long stretches of time where people mostly only asked me two questions, the first was, "If I worked here" and the second was "If they could check their books out with me", I glanced fatefully over to the section I like to call The Genealogist's Black Hole...or to the regular reading public, The Local History/Local Interest Section of your neighborhood library's Used Book Shelf.  

There, in the weeds of these book shelves, *screams*  FOR-TWO-DOLLARS...let me say it again....*screams* FOR TWO DOLLARS I found a copy of:

  • "The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly of South Carolina November 20, 1706 - February 8, 1706 Published in 1939"
  • "Accounts Audited of Revolutionary Claims against South Carolina Vol. 1 AND 2 Published 1938"
  • "Journal of the Commissioners of the Indian Trade of South Carolina printed for the Historical Commission of South Carolina 1926"
  • and a copy of Folks Huxford's [yes that is his first name people] "Pioneers of Wiregrass, GA Volume 6"

I have come to view the Used Book portion of a library's operations when it comes to genealogists to be much like that dynamic that exists between you and Used Car Salesman, if you were buying a car when you were 12 years old.  How these people sleep at night knowing they rob unsuspecting genealogy lovers of their hard earned cash, is beyond me.

For someone who ALREADY has a massive library and NO OFFICE SPACE why WOULD I even buy more?

It's a sickness.  Again, it is beyond reference librarians sleep at night...knowing everyday that they continue to do this to us.


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