Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We've Moved!

Due to the growth of my overwhelmingly large amount of content on my facebook page and my growing need to have easier ways to publish, I’ve decided to move my page to Posterous.

Basically Posterous is...Luxury Living for Bloggers!

So, if you wanna continue chatting with me and still despite everything still think I'm worth having as a friend you can check me out and read my posts regularly at

Feel free to update your RSS feeds to if you follow me regularly or even not at all.

Just do it! 

In the meantime, my facebook space will simply be used to make the transfer to Posterous move a little more smoothly. 

I'm telling you people, if you aren't on Posterous, then you haven't lived!

See you at the new site!

Note:  I will be moving all of my photos, videos and contacts to Posterous and will only be Autoposting to my Facebook account only!

My photos will be available via my Flickr Account: African American Genealogy with Fallon Green and give me at least a week to get all my emails in sync and transferred. 

If you need to see any past videos or posts they will still be available on Facebook, but no NEW posts will be made through Facebook directly.

Please update our new information in your contacts.


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